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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Safety net, oh safety net, I call to you in a time of need

In the morning, around five twenty three... the sky is lavender. Its pale and dusty, like an underused dream. Its comforting, sweeping away the mysteries of the dark. But the sun comes up incredibly fast when you're sitting there hoping time will stop.
      I watched as shadows twirled and fought through solid materials. I thought. What else was left do to? This is who I am now. I lay awake until the sun comes up, too afraid of what slips into my mind when its dark. Then I waste away the day, lost in dreams of what will never be.
     My only regret is that I do it alone.
     Truth is, I'm missing something.
     When lovers fail, friends catch you before you fall. They tell you that you are right, this is what is right. They hug you and do not let go. They don't allow you a single second to think, maybe... possibly... I want my lover back? But what do you do when your friend, your sister, your other half, won't come home?
     You sit.
     You watch the sun rise, and watch it set.
     You wait.
     You try so hard not to think about how your former lover now has your address to mail your a birthday present. You try not to think about how you know you will lose your strength and fall once you get that present... and how there will be no one around to catch you.

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