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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Greetings, from a broken heart

I am cursed.

I broke up with my girlfriend yesterday. "Whyyy?!" you might ask.
Since I like lists, here's a list of reason why:

  1. This year, she's moving to another state to start college.
  2. She is four years older than me, which I just realized is totally creepy.
  3. Apparently she's BFFs with my ex best friend (let's call her Lena), who I happen to have some very messy history with.
  4. I don't trust her.
  5. I don't even like her as a person anymore.
  6. I fell for four different guys since school ended. No guilty feelings at all about that, I might add.
So breaking up with her was all part of my plan. I guess I felt a little bad that she was totally upset about it... but that's honestly not my problem. But then I hear that her and Lena got high together, just a few days before she was shoving weed in my own face? Maybe I'm overreacting here. It could be completely normal that two girls who are four years apart and barely saw each other all year are suddenly smoking to oblivion together. And maybe its cool that when I came over her house she was almost in tears because I didn't want to make out CONSTANTLY. Oh and here it gets good... I tell her about guy number two that I had a crush on, and all my deep feelings about him.
And then she's silent for about five minutes.
Then she says "I love you." and goes in for a kiss.
Not exactly the response I was looking for, babe. Try again.

I think I'll go back to boys for a while.

But now I have to get some sleep, since tomorrow I'm going to a Jew Festival. I really wish I could tell you what that is.

Stay sexy my friends <3

P.S. the tenth was my birthday. happy belated birthday to me :)


  1. I probably shouldn't say this, but this post really cracked me up. Thanks for posting.