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Thursday, November 24, 2011

WeeildLyfe (Wildlife) De Alaska

Necessary Thanksgiving post

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE. hope you're all thankful for something in your life. If you're not, that's kinda ignorant and you should change it. Like right now. Make a list. Do it.
I know I'm thankful to have a door that separates me from my family :) yay solitude!
So I made a twitter in between bites of turkey today. Thankful for social networking.
Sorry for all the useless posts. I'll make something creative sometime relatively soon. Probably.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Oh the lists you'll see

I think I'll make another diary-like entry about my life.
So today is monday, happy monday guyz. monday doesn't deserve to be capitalized because monday's SUCK. Well I'm just chilling here, listening to Bon Iver because that's some real inspirational music. Reflecting on this month's events. (Here's a list because I like lists!)

  1. Lost my best friend of eight years.
  2. Merged into a new group of friends.
  3. Narrowly avoiding a kiss from a man-slut.
  4. Put ANOTHER label on myself.
  5. Lost my best guy-friend.
  6. Realized I'm head over heels for one of my best friends.
  7. (The number seven reminds me of Thursday?)
  8. My gecko died :(
  9. Got stood up by my homecoming date.
  10. Let my emotions get the best of me... tsk tsk!

There's my list. The end.

Just kiddinggggg :)
So to Sarah, in the unlikely event that you're reading this right now, I'm sorry that you can't see how much your boyfriend is ruining your life... how many friendships of yours he's cost you. It hurts me to even think about this, so I just won't.
Facebook is really stupid. It's like this huge popularity contest, plus it just fuels nonsense drama.
Its so easy to go through life with no purpose, just floating in the motions. But once you realize that you're an individual, it starts to hurt. You realize that there is no cookie cutter mold. We're raised being taught that we're all human, and therefore we all have characteristics in common. But I've grown to see that that isn't exactly true... So we decide to branch out and hold onto anyone that can even pretend to understand. That's why we toss around the "I love you" statement so much. Who wouldn't want to believe in undeniable love? It's such a comforting thought, that you can depend and trust someone that much. If it were true, maybe people would actually be happy.
I hope anyone reading this is happy. I hope there's something in your life that you want to see, want to know so bad that you keep hanging on. I'm sure it's worth it. To be honest, we're all walking the same road here. Might as well walk hand in hand :)

Spread some love <3

Friday, November 18, 2011

Sienna lifted her fingers from the chipped ivory keys. She looked down at her shaking hands, bearing the burden of her secret's secrets. Her melodies, that had once been so gentle and pure, like the fresh snow, were now heavy and made the heart ache. In her small room of few objects and many walls, she swayed to the throb of her own song. Bubbling to the surface was years of realization, guilt, fear. The demons drifted out from her soul and wrapped around anything they came into contact with. Even her writings withered at her touch. There was not a single laugh nor careless giggle left inside her being. She had been hallowed out by the pain of many lifetimes.
Sienna's piano, her one last hope, melted away into another memory as the room faded into the foreground. She fell all the way through the back of the world, where no one would dare search for her. At this distance, she could still hear her sad lullabies weaving through a network of buzzing ideas.
The alone was eerily perfect. She forgot to hold back her tears and fears. They fumbled out of her mind in a mess, and from some other world she saw her figure collapse into a pitiful heap.
Life was in her hands, like the seed of a rose, which she could choose to nurse to a towering beauty that would only prick her to tears in the end. Or she should crush it into a dust, and let it rejoin the free-blowing wind.
Instead, Sienna idly let her hands drift along the sad notes, which so screamed for freedom of the boundaries of her mind. For eternity she was caged into this loop of events, this mindset. But if she only pleased, it would be too easy to let go and slip past where one can ever return...