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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beauty. Here we go.

Who the hell decides who is pretty and who isn't?
I'd like to smack them.
You can be "pretty" based on your physical appearance. I guess that means your face is fairly symmetrical, your eyebrows are thin and curved slightly. Your eyes might be big and curious, or angled and elegant. Your nose thin and smooth. But then again, no one even stops to go through those lists when they see someone attractive. They just stop. Most of the time, I find that people stop and stare at the people who are beautiful. Which of course is completely different from pretty. Beautiful literally radiates from your insides. Okay, maybe not your large intestine and your kidneys, but more like your spirit and soul. Someone who puts others first, and can laugh at their own mistakes, and has a special talent, will shine through all the normal people. And that's why we choose them... because you see them like you don't see everyone else. You get that feeling of wanting to know more, wanting to know everything about them. Who they are, if they love their dad, what their favorite teddy bear's name was. How did they get so damn wonderful?
It kinda bothers me when people say "don't judge a book by its cover" because when it comes to people at first glance, what else are we supposed to judge them by? We work so hard to make sure our flaws are covered and our clothes flattering. I'd like that work to be put to good use, so go ahead people, judge me by how I look. Stare at my face made pretty by smiles, not layers of makeup and concealer. Follow your curiosity and take a chance, you never know what that beautiful person sitting behind you in English class might be hiding just below the surface.

Go with your arms held wide 
Happiness in your eyes, convincing 
And stay the night, turn out every light you see 
And lay them down buried in the ground for me

"English House" -Fleet Foxes

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  1. Great post! Totally agree with what you're saying :)